About Appliance Repair Services London

Welcome to Appliance Repair London, your foremost choice for top-tier repair services in London, Ontario. Boasting over a decade of expertise in accurately diagnosing and repairing appliances, we stand as pioneers in the realm of service repairs.

Elevating our commitment to excellence, every member of our technical department is meticulously trained in factory standards, ensuring unparalleled skill and precision in every repair job.

Our technicians are in possession of amazing credentials with each and every one of them being a licensed professional who is insured and bonded. We have done all this to provide you with peace of mind in the knowledge that we will get the job done correctly the first time. We remove the guesswork in appliance repair in the areas where we operate.

About Our Technicians 

Our technicians boast impressive credentials, each being a licensed professional with full insurance and bonding. We’ve meticulously curated this team to offer you peace of mind, assuring you that every job will be executed flawlessly from the get-go. Say goodbye to guesswork in appliance repair within our operational areas.

At Appliance Repair Service London, we take pride in our expertise in covering a wide array of appliances, from dishwashers and dryers to refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, ovens, and beyond.

Our proficiency extends across all major and minor brands, including renowned names like Bosch, Samsung, Whirlpool, Avanti, Subzero, Jenn Air, Roper, Admiral, and many others. Recognized by manufacturers as a pinnacle of industry standards, several brands have entrusted us as their esteemed factory service in the country.

In every facet of our operations, we leverage cutting-edge technology, including the latest software. This is to guarantee our customers the swiftest turnaround times. Our service vehicles are stocked with a comprehensive inventory of the most common parts, ensuring efficiency with each client call.

With a solid reputation for delivering exceptional and reliable service, we proudly serve Aylmer, Delaware, Dutton, London, Ingersoll, Melbourne, St. Thomas, and Oxford County.

Collaborating with some of the nation’s leading parts distributors, we guarantee our customers access to the highest quality components. This strategic partnership not only ensures top-notch parts but also plays a pivotal role in expediting our turnaround time, ensuring swift and efficient repairs.

About Our Services

Despite being a sizable company, we pride ourselves on operating with a boutique approach that prioritizes a personal touch. At Appliance Repair Service London, we not only comprehend but empathize with our clients’ situations.

Our commitment is to deliver service excellence at prices that won’t break the bank, all accompanied by a friendly smile. Before considering the purchase or replacement of a malfunctioning appliance, we strongly recommend giving us a call, as we are confident in our ability to provide cost-effective solutions. Beyond the repair, we maintain communication to ensure your appliance continues to operate at peak efficiency.

Rely on our experts for all your appliance repair needs, as they go above and beyond the ordinary service. For more details about our exceptional appliance repair services, reach out to our customer-friendly professionals at 226-271-4937.

So What Do We Repair?

Refrigerator Repair

The refrigerator stands as one of the few appliances that tirelessly runs around the clock. Considering its relentless efforts, it’s truly remarkable that breakdowns aren’t more frequent. However, when they do occur, there’s no need to contemplate a new purchase. Give us a call, and you might just be pleasantly surprised.

Dishwasher Repair

Appliance Repair London takes pride in humbly and joyfully handling repairs for all makes and models of dishwashers. Before parting with several hundred dollars for a new dishwasher, consider giving us a call to explore the possibility of a more cost-effective repair solution.

Washer / Dryer Repair

A washing machine is undoubtedly a highly convenient household appliance, saving both energy and time for more productive pursuits. However, when it starts to malfunction, the convenience can quickly turn into a concern.

Stove / Oven Repair

At Appliance Repair London, we take humble pride in efficiently handling repairs for all makes and models of ovens. Before parting with your hard-earned dollars to purchase a new range. So now consider reaching out to us to explore the possibility of a more cost-effective repair solution. Rest assured, we’re dedicated to ensuring your appliance is expertly repaired.