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London in Ontario, which was once a village in the 19th century, is now one of the leading cities in Canada. The county which welcomes lots of visitors from time to time is home to about 400,000 citizens.

The economy of London in Ontario is fast developing, and it is quite evident in their standard of living. The citizens of Ontario love to go for high-end brands such as LG when shopping for their home appliance. If you are based in London, Ontario, and any of your devices has malfunctioned, kindly reach out to the ARS Appliance Repair group.

We do not only help with the installation of LG products in your homes, but we also help to fix any fault or flaws that may affect your LG refrigerator, freezer, washer or even your dishwashing machine. If you place a call across to us now, we will be with you in the quickest possible time. These are the problems we handle;

LG Refrigerator Repair In London

The ARS Appliance Repair Service experts based in London, Ontario are always available to solve any problem that can hinder the functions of your LG refrigerator. The most common problems that are fixed by the appliance repair experts are;

  • Difficulty in defrosting
  • Poor cooling
  • Abnormal sounds
  • Compromised Ice dispenser
  • Faulty water dispenser
  • Faulty lights
  • Poor draining

LG Freezer Repair

If you are based in London, Ontario, and you own an LG freezer that is having faults, the ARS Appliance Repair Service brand can help you fix it. Some of the burdens that can be alleviated by the appliance repair gurus are;

  • Increased buildup of frost
  • Faulty freezer door
  • Accumulated frost on the freezer’s coil
  • Warmth inside the freezer
  • Unusual sounds
  • Failure to freeze
  • Damaged lights

LG Washer Repair

LG Washers owned by London-based residents can be fixed by our technicians when they develop a fault. Our ARS Appliance Repair Service group are a call away to help troubleshoot and fix any problem that can affect your LG washer. The common issues that are handled by our appliance repair professionals are;

  • Leaking of the washer
  • Inability of the washer to drain properly
  • Inability of the washer to fill properly
  • Failure to turn on
  • Unusual noises
  • Failure to run through cycles
  • Errors on the digital display

LG Dishwasher Repair

Faulty dishwasher? Call on us. Our group of experts at the ARS LG Appliance Repair Service are here to attend to every need that concerns your LG dishwasher. A few issues that can affect your LG dishwasher are;

  • Faulty digital display
  • Faulty timer
  • Low water temperatures
  • Film-coated dishes after washing
  • Poor drainage
  • Inability to fill up with water
  • Damaged timer

LG Dryer Repair

Our London-based ARS Appliance Repair Service brand is always at your beck and call to solve any problem that can affect your LG Dryer. Some of the complications that can be remedied by the appliance repair experts are;

  • Unusual noise
  • Inability to start
  • Damp clothing after a drying cycle
  • Failure of dryer to get heated

LG Oven Repair

Having difficulties operating while baking with your LG Oven? Worry not! Our group of experts at the ARS Appliance Repair Service will carry out diagnosis to effectively fix any issue that might affect your LG Oven. We are a call away and can conveniently solve any problem that can affect your LG Oven. The faults that can be remedied by our appliance repair specialists are;

  • Damaged heating elements
  • Failure of oven to ignite
  • Leaking of gas
  • Fluctuating temperatures
  • Poor functioning of the burners
  • Destroyed heating elements

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Our technicians are authorized and licenced in all LG Appliance Repair. We are located in GTA (Greater London Area), Arva, Aylmer, Delaware, Dorchester, Dutton, Elgin County, Ilderton, Ingersoll, Komoka, London, Lucan, Melbourne, Middlesex County, Mt. Brydges, Oxford County, South Perth, Springfield, St. Marys, St. Thomas, Strathroy, Thorndale, Woodstock, GTA and most of Southern Ontario. We are here to help you fix your broken LG Appliances.

At ARS Appliance Repair, we guarantee the Best quality appliance repair service in London, Ontario, and provide you with 24/7 emergency support and a 3 month warranty. Book an appointment today with our authorized technician for LG Appliance Repair Service.

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