Ice machines are commercial equipment found in big restaurants; ice machines are the single units which standalone only for the purpose of making ice. Ice machines are the most helpful thing in the house, it helps in making it easier for people to enjoy the cold beverages at home. They are the heroes of every party.

If the ice in your fridge tastes off or looks cloudy then it’s the time of cleaning your ice machine of your fridge. If the ice in your fridge is old, it has probably observed the odor of the food. It’s the most important thing to clean your ice machine when you see such changes.


ARS brings you these easy steps to clean the ice machine:

  1. Lift up the ice machine power bar, the bar switches automatically when the ice bin is full. If your ice machine is different, then feel the switch behind it, you will see an on/off button behind it. If you are not sure that your fridge is deactivated then unplug your fridge.
  2. Then remove the bin, a few ice bins come out directly but some need to be pulled out by hands. Then dump the ice into the sink and break it in smaller parts with the help of knife or a hard object.
  3. Fill your sink with warm or boiled water, take the ice lid or bin and wash it properly. Dip a rag in the warm water and detergent and then wipe the ice machine in your fridge. After cleaning of the ice machine, take a dry rag and wipe the ice machine inside the fridge again to soak the left-over water soap. You should also wash the ice storage bin with soapy water and rinse it well.
  4. Mix ½ cup or glass of bleach powder in 1 gallon of water, dip a rag in the mixture and then clean up the ice maker or ice machine in your fridge.
  5. Place the ice storage bin in the dishwasher and run it or use it on cleaning or sanitizing cycle. Check if the ice machine or the bin that is washed is dishwasher friendly. The bin will show whether the bin is dishwasher friendly or not, you can see it at the bottom of your bin or you can check your fridges owner’s manual for information. Dry the bin completely with a rag and see whether the rag observes the moisture left in the bin after washing or not.
  6. Wipe the ice maker or machine with a dry rag once more to check that whether there is any standing water left or not, if by chance there will be any water left then it will lead to freezing which will lead to freezing of ice everywhere in the ice machine in your fridge.
  7. Replace the old storage bin with a new once and then let the power on or plug the fridge again so that it can be used again.

Things Needed in This Entire Cleaning Process:

  1. Bleach powder
  2. Knife
  3. Rag
  4. Ice pick
  5. Dish washing detergent
  6. Dish washer

It is said that as long as are appliances are functioning well, they don’t need anything from us but this is not true to make them work properly we need to clean them and take care of them equally. The ice maker brings such a joy and relief to you and your party; hence you should put some efforts to maintain and clean it well.

If there are any issues still with the ice machine, give ARS a call now and we will be happy to help you. You can also now book an appointment online with us to get service from the best appliance repair services company in Toronto and GTA area.